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Electromagnetic Phenomena

Institute for Electromagnetic Research Ltd.,
Kharkov, Ukraine

Electromagnetic Phenomena
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Information for Authors
Editorial Board

Information for Authors

Manuscripts submitted for consideration should report on new results, although papers of a tutorial or historical nature are not excluded from consideration. Contribution for the Correspondence section are also welcome. Authors who may not own copyright (e.g. authors in private companies or government research establishments) must attach the letter from the author's institution informing that this article has performed in this institution to the manuscript.

Editorial Board Address: 
Institute for  Electromagnetic Research, 
PO Box 4580, Kharkov-61022, Ukraine.	
Tel./Fax  + 380  57  7797872    
IEMR, Electromagnetic Phenomena

Instruction for Paper Submission

  1. Typewrite, using double spacing, on one side of letter-size while bond paper.
  2. Page Number: The first manuscript page should contain the title, the author's name, author's institution and address, abstract and index terms. Succeeding manuscript pages should contain (in the following order):
    • the body of the paper;
    • acknowledgment;
    • references;
    • table;
    • figure captions;
    • figures.
    All pages should be numbered with the first page being the title-abstract page.
  3. A satisfactory abstract should be short (200 words maximum).
  4. Refer to all illustration and tables in the text.
  5. Assure that all references are complete in the following format:
    For a paper: 
      Wright J.W. Evidence for precipitation of energetic particles by 
      ionospheric heating transmission // J.Gephys. Res. - 1975. - V.80, 
      N 31. - P. 4383-4386.
    For a book: 
      Makogon Yu. F. Hydrates of Hydrocarbons. Tulsa. Oklahoma. 
      Pennwell Books: Pennwell Publishing Company.  - 1997.  - 482 p. 
  6. Use metric units, more specifically, the International System of Units.
  7. Use only standard symbols and abbreviation unless defined when first used in the text.
  8. To minimize the probability of error in typesetting, equation should be typed, not handwritten, whenever possible.

Requirement for Illustration

  1. All pictures must be no larger that 20x28 cm.
  2. Figure captions should be typed on a separate sheet as indicated above in Instructions for paper Submission.
  3. Graphic files in the submittal must be formatted as BMP, WMF, TIF, OPJ (Origin).
  4. Photos and color figures must be formatted as BMP, TIFF, JPEG (min 150x150 dpi), GIF(min 150x150 dpi).
  5. Graphic files may be packed by the archiver (ZIP, RAR).

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Last update 2008 November 15